Monday, September 29, 2003
  Uggg. Switching from our old smaug code to AFK code is proving to be one hell of a hassle. ALL weapons, you heard right, ALL game weapons have to be reset, as they now all revert to 'bare-handed' skill. On the plus side though, the sn's in the potions and scrolls and etc seem ok. If it ain't one thing...
Belaying that thought for a moment, does ANYONE have a clue what 'qbits' and 'abits' are and what they're used for? I assume mobs set them after quests, but can mobs READ them? And, if not, what is the use of them?
In other news, we seem to be bleeding imms on the dev port at an alarming rate. Truth be told, I had to expect it. Who (but yers truly the nut) would want to work on an empty mud day after day? Me and - THANK THE GODS - our awesome coder.
Overall, I like this new thingy and I think once we get the glitches out, it'll look reeeeal nice. Will it get masses of players to join us? Probably not, but thats no longer something I care deeply about anyway.

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