Friday, October 17, 2003
  Back to Building I promised this blog was going to be all about imping a mud in general, not just about building...And yet....Here's more building thoughts.

How do you keep builders? Keep them interested, keep them coming back and actually making something, as opposed to just logging on to 'say hi' or complain about how they have brain-block and can't build right now and yea they'll bbl? I think a major minus from their point of view is the build port itself. There are no players to romp thru the areas, or to play with in general, or to bounce ideas off of or get ideas from. Silly me, I thought the other port would be a plus. There are no deadlines there, there's no me, breathing down their neck to get stuff finished. And really, I honestly don't care if they finish things there. It would be nice if they would start, though. Maybe I'm not motivating them enough. Perhaps the lack of 'theme' is screwing it up. Could be that the lack of action there makes them think what they make will never be seen. It could be any of those things. It also could be that any builders I've hired previously only cared about 'imm perks' and building was an incidental plus that they just got into. Whatever the case, it seems very likely that the new mud will be based largely on areas I do combined with stock areas. So much for being original.

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