Wednesday, October 15, 2003
  Feelin' Strangely Fine Alrighty then. The overland continent maps are in, the areas are connected (the ones we've got up anyway) and the landmarks are set. Layers are set, sockets are all added. What we need now are areas, areas and lots of areas. Mostly of the 'over lvl 50' variety, but all ranges are really needed. We've got a few builders working on it. Now I need to start working on it. I haven't actually worked on an area since we set this place up. This will be more than a lil interesting

Beyond that, though, theres always the question of motivating the builders we have now. I need no motivation. The success of this place is my motivation. That keeps me going even in the darkest of times.

Others need a push, a whip crack or a hug to get them going in the right direction. The main problem lies in figuring out which one of those they need. Use the wrong method and you will alianate them and piss them off. Everyone gets motivated differently because everyone builds for different reasons.

In the end, the best builders, the hardest working, the ones that stay the longest are the ones that you teach. The 'hired hand' usually is used to a different set-up and a different personality giving them help, and in some cases, is used to running things themselves. This rarely works out well. If you can find a player who wants to try building, if you can mold them, if they listen to you and if they have talent, time and interest, they can learn to be a truly awesome builder. A truly great builder is a rare thing. When you find one (and I have found more than my share) be thankful for the time he/she gives you. Even if its only a short while. All builders leave eventually. The great ones leave great areas behind as parting gifts to deserving imps.

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