Tuesday, October 28, 2003
  I've been thinking of buying a webcam. No, not so I can post it up here and let you in on my ghastly visage, no. I'm thinking of using it with msn messenger, to talk to my buddies. But are my motives sound? Am I being honest with myself? A friend who has one mentioned that its about 'closeness', as if seeing each other with our own two eyes makes a difference. Does it? Honestly, to me it almost feels like showing off. Like, look at me, this is me . Yes, kind of like a blog. :> It feels like the sort of vanity that my mother always warned me against. The friend says you feel closer to those you can see. He may, but do I? I've never been a very visual person. Then again, is that what's bothering me? Do I fear that closeness? Is a vision of me past my well-defined boundaries? Why do I ask questions I don't know the answers to?

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