Saturday, October 18, 2003
  Less! Less! Less! Why aren't we happy tonight? Here's why. When you give someone freedom, and you say "I am not right for you, you should find whoever that is."...Well you don't actually consciously think that they'll do that. You don't think that this person you love will go looking for someone else. When they do, its a bit of a cold-water shock. Why? They were TOLD to go and be happy, and their happiness is important to you. Why does it hurt that they are searching for happiness? Aren't you doing exactly the same thing? No, actually, your not. You are just sitting there. That's the problem. You dig inertia. You want others to enjoy it as much as you do. Face it, your a whining scaredy-cat. Why should you get what you want when you aren't brave enough to go out and take it? You realize this particular human isn't your soulmate. You have a scary way of hurting each other far too much. They are brave, you are not. Yet you don't want them to leave. You haven't the intestinal fortitude nor the maturity to let them find their bliss in peace. Oh, not that you've ever actually stood in their way, but this is not as much because you are noble as it is because you think (quite rightly) that that move would surely drive them further away. No, you waste your time writing out your anguish in blogs that no sane person would read.

Good for you.

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