Friday, October 31, 2003
  Let It Be...Naked Personally, I think its about time! If they can make the Beatles most marginal album (and I say that with all the love in my heart) even marginally better, I saw 'God Bless Em!'. That was always my least fave record, exactly because of all the slathered-on strings. I can't wait to hear 'Two Of Us' in its un-Phil-afied version. Woohoo! Yes, too many classics are being 'remastered' and having all the heart sucked out of them; all the clicks and pops; all the things we loved about them, removed like some radical operation that we never asked for, but "Let It Be" was never a classic. We loved it because it was the last. We loved it because it was all we had left, really. Which is no reason to love a thing. (Note to Paul - I know you can hear me, dear. If you try this stunt with ANY other Beatles record, I will come over there personally and pull yer intestines out through yer mouth. *pat pat*. Have a nice night, luv.) *** All threats to well-loved rock stars are in simple jest. Please don't sue ***

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