Monday, October 13, 2003
  Making it 'fun'. Bah. darn map crashed the mud, I lost alot of work. Feh, so now i'm gonna rant instead of working. I've had various people (builders, mostly) ask me what to do to make an area 'fun'. That's a very odd question, from my point of view, cuz I always think if its fun to MAKE it'll be fun to go through. Of course, thats not always the case. So here are a few tools I use to 'punch up' an area when it needs it.

Riddles, puzzles and traps. This is the way to go when the area is done and you just need a way to make it neater. Its much harder to base an area around these things, unless its a REALLY small area. There are tons of these out there on the web, search Google.

Ideas from history


General Ideas

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