Sunday, October 26, 2003
  More Emode Hell This one at least seems somewhat accurate. But romantic? Moi? I dunno. I certainly don't feel very romantic all alone in this big house by myself. But, yes, when I get hurt I retreat back into my shell like some sort of...Turtle-like...Thing. What color is your aura? We don't need a psychic to tell us that you're giving off a Crystal vibe. That shimmering, iridescent aura reveals your sensitive, introspective nature. A soft-spoken romantic at heart, you like to think of life as a fairy tale, complete with a happily ever after ending. But when you occasionally misplace your rose-colored glasses, your idealism can take a pounding. That's when you retreat inward, spending meditative time by yourself to restore your sometimes-too-fragile outlook on the world. Because of your delicate sensibilities, you prefer people and activities that don't challenge your ways and views. But once you find a kindred spirit, you're fiercely loyal friends 'till the end. Quiet and gentle, you're a thoughtful soul with a shining light around you. Also seems I'm in love with Al Gore. ...AL GORE? The guy has the personality of a cardboard box. I don't mean to be the cardboard box... I must admit, though, anyone who digs "Futurama" can't be all bad. The Presidential matchmaker C'mon admit it. Politics aside, deep down you're looking for a fit, earth-conscious guy who likes painting and Shakespeare. Don't tell Tipper, but Al Gore is your presidential dream date! Sure, he's idealistic and conscientious, but he can kick back and chill out every once in a (long) while, too. You might not buy into all his politics, but who wants to talk issues anyway? You're more into his quiet determination and the cool reasoning of his Harvard-educated mind. He's a true diplomat, born and raised by his dad, former Senator Albert Gore Sr. to work on Capitol Hill. That means you're sure to be treated with elegance and dignity. Okay, he might come off as a little square and boring at times, but underneath the stiff exterior is a sensitive, churchgoing guy (he's a Southern Baptist) who's full of tenderness. This clean-cut hunk loves ice cream, Diet Coke, and the TV show "Futurama." He's inquisitive by nature; he was a journalist before going into politics; and has a head for technology. In fact, he's claimed to have invented the Internet. Your leading man may not be full of surprises, but he's hardworking and reliable, which makes him a stable guy with long-term potential. Maybe it's time you started thinking about how it would feel with a Democrat by your side. The Identity test - Rates you in five catagories. (And a question - Just what sort of drugs was I on when I took this baby?? I must really have been into lying to myself at the time) Openness To Experience Your high score in the Openness category means that you probably have a strong creative streak. Your broad intellectual curiosity and your interest in the various arts set you apart. Some people may consider you somewhat of a dreamer, and your taste for variety often means moving quickly on to the next experience. This tendency makes you appear a bit flighty and inconsistent. But these elements of your personality simply reflect a character full of new ideas and charged with emotions. Conscientiousness Your high score in the Conscientiousness category means that you feel a strong compulsion towards duty and responsibility. You are probably a very organized person, and pride yourself on your professional competence. Work is a very high priority in your life, and defines your vision of success. You have a careful attitude towards making decisions, and think them through carefully. With such a strong conscience, and a devotion to accomplishment, it's likely that you're considered extremely dependable. Extraversion Your medium score in the Extraversion category defines your social identity. You are probably comfortable in either a crowd or by yourself, and spending time alone or with company is equally enjoyable. When among others, you tend to stand in the foreground, although you may not always wish to take the position of a leader. Instead, you seem to prefer moving between the role of leader and follower, as the situation requires. You probably keep a moderately active social life; you're generally on the lookout for excitement, but certainly don't require it. You tend to keep a fairly positive emotional outlook, and people can usually count on your for some good cheer. Agreeableness The Agreeableness category refers to your social disposition. Your medium score indicates someone who balances the priorities of your own inner voice with the needs of others. You tend to be concerned with the harmony of the group, while maintaining a certain independence. Depending on the situation, you might adopt a stance that defers to the wishes of others, or else assert your own individuality. In this way, you have a great deal of tact, and believe in the situational equality of people. You probably have an approachable and kind personality. People probably admire you for your ability to speak your mind when appropriate. Negative Emotionality Negative Emotionality refers to your emotional reactivity. Your medium score means that you're someone who negotiates your emotions depending on your situation. Sometimes you may feel quite sensitive and emotional, while other times you may remain resilient to outside pressures. This quality of adaptation best describes your emotional character. You maintain a rational outlook, which is moderated by feelings. For example, you can sometimes feel sad, stressed, worried or embarrassed under the weight of a situation, but you are able to act quite calm and reserved, without yielding to the stress. Responsive, without being overly reactive, is the best way to describe you. (Then again, I think this is the definition of wishy-washyness. No wonder I like Vanilla) Seven Deadly Sins - LOL this one is TOO cool. Zzzzz... Wake up! You're guilty of SLOTH. Based on what your answers tell us, we're surprised you even managed to finish this test. Perhaps you only took it as a way to get out of other, more pressing tasks? We thought so. In fact, it looks like your life centers around avoiding work. Do your weekends consist of short excursions from the your warm, cozy bed? Do you think TV Guide qualifies as great literature? Remember, the remote control may very well be one of mankind's greatest achievements, but someone did have to do a little work to invent it. Why don't you try your luck and put a little effort into something, too? You might be surprised at what you can accomplish when you commit to something besides napping. Why is sloth so bad? Well, according to early religious scholars, sloth destroys zeal. When we cut ourselves off from life's vitality, we'll eventually fall victim to complacency. We should fight the deadening of our spiritual senses by responding to the zeal and energy of our inner nature. It could be worse: Medieval Italian poet Dante Alighieri thought sloth was only the fourth deadliest of the seven sins, behind pride, envy, and wrath. (Of course, that ranking was based on Dante's own love millionaireg...) Are you millionare material? Ever thought about buying an SUV and joining a tennis club? You should, because you were made for the elite. We can tell that you enjoy many of the finer things in life, but for some reason you just can't make the leap to "millionaire material." Sure, that's a step down from the top of the money pile, but it's probably all for the best. Why? Perhaps because, when it comes down to it, you enjoy fun more than money. Cash is all well and good, and we can tell that you're pretty good at saving your dough when you put your mind to it, but you'd rather spend time outdoors, hang out with friends, or plan your next big trip than drool over your bank balance. After all, what's money for if you can't enjoy it? Are you high maitenence? Material Upkeep Maybe you're self-sufficient and practical, or maybe you're just slightly unkempt. Either way, you tend to think that top-of-the-line products are unnecessary and excessive, and you don't indulge yourself with more than you need. We think it's safe to say that you don't put much emphasis on the how trendy or high-quality your products and possessions are. You're a firm believer in the philosophy of "less is more." Emotional Upkeep Okay, you're either awfully secure in your relationships, or you have very low standards. Sure, it's admirable that you don't need your significant other to give you constant reassurance of his/her feelings, verbally or with actions. But you should be sure that you're keeping quiet for the right reasons. Do you think you don't deserve respect and attention? If not, you probably don't think highly enough of yourself. On the other hand, if you are truly satisfied with your relationship and don't have any unfulfilled expectations, then congratulations! your low-maintenance attitude probably makes both you and your partner very happy!Personal Upkeep It's a safe bet that you don't spend much time grooming yourself. Your lack of concern about your appearance means you're either physically blessed or a little messy. The fact that you don't always feel like you have to look your best could be the result of either a super-healthy level of self-confidence or a disregard for others' opinions. Either way, it's no skin off your nose if you're happy with how you look. Are you an open book? Stop the presses! You're a papeback! Who wants to hide behind a thick cover? Most of the time you prefer to express yourself and tell people just how you feel. That's not to say that everything is open material. Your answers indicate that some chapters are off-limits. Maybe you'll open up to some close acquaintances -- but other feelings stay wrapped up tight among your emotional private papers. People with similar scores are generally sociable, warm, and dependable. But they also clearly acknowledge some room for improvement in their personal relationships. Are you an introvert or an extravert? You're not about to move into a shack in remote Montana all by yourself, but then again, you'd rather do that than be bugged all the time about how you're feeling or what you're thinking about. That's because you're much more of an introvert than an extrovert. What does that mean? Well, we're guessing you usually try to keep a low social profile (it's handy being your own best friend, after all). Chances are you feel like you know enough people, and you don't go out of your way to meet new ones. But that doesn't mean you don't go out and let loose every once in a while, especially if you're in the company of your core group of close friends. A few of those is all anyone really needs anyway, right? And most nights a good book and a glass of wine beats even your nearest and dearest hollow. All well and good, but try testing your limits occasionally and breaking out of your comfortable shell. The results may surprise you. Are you a sex goddess? A brilliant bolt of lightning descends! SHAZAAM! The oracle has spoken! The smoke clears to reveal that inside you is a divine being, HESTIA, the Goddess of Family and Peace. She's a deity who embraces all the aspects of womanhood. As a woman in her image, you exude femininity and sensuality. You view men as the perfect counterpart to your womanly ways. But you probably don't appreciate casual encounters. Rather, you prefer purity and tradition. Because of these predilections, you tend to attract men who understand your nature and possess maturity and seriousness beyond their years. When you finally arrive at the bedroom and your divine qualities are released, you reveal such sensuality that the experience is unforgettable. In other words, with the right guy, you really know how to get wild in the sack. In fact, when the mood strikes, you can easily drive your man crazy. But out of respect for your inner nature, you require love and devotion from your partners. You are an attentive and giving lover who knows how to make your man feel sexy, appreciated, and fulfilled. When you show your stuff, it's like a light shines down from the heavens. Behold, the skies proclaim, here lies a goddess! Are you a people pleaser? (Oh like the answer to this one wasn't obvious before I took the thing :p) What about you?! You've fallen off your own list of priorities! Your desire to please means that you'll go to great lengths to win someone's approval. Compromise is a standard way for you to deal with conflict. You'll do anything to keep the peace in your relationships. No stranger to sacrifice, you're prepared to bend over backwards in order to avoid a dispute. But you may even sell yourself short. Placing others' needs above your own certainly makes people feel great, but where do you fit into the picture? If you give more than your share, you might not be demanding the amount of respect you deserve. Having some symptoms of the "Disease to Please" is a great thing. People flock to people pleasers. And it's a great way to show someone how much you value them. But, you've got to set some limits. If you're not going to look out for number one, who will?

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