Sunday, October 05, 2003
  Ok, boys and girls, now its time for some self-hatred spew. Ready? OK! Someone, I let it slip that the what, 3 or 4 player pfiles we have now won't be transfered over with the new code. Now, that's right, everyone is on my case? What exactly did I expect would happen? Did I imagine this particular secret was like a hidden toy at X-mas, that when opened, everyone would rave about? People HATE starting over. And so now comes the time I always dread. The time where a few players get together and say 'lets start our own mud'! Course I remember the excitement of that moment. Realizing you could do far better than these shmoes have . Problem is, now i'm the poor schmo. :> Stings. It stings. Nothing to be done tho. People want to leave they'll leave. We'll carry on like we always have. It is rather strange to find people begging for CI to return and then, when it does, deciding to leave at the first sign that we are getting on our feet. Eh, but enough lashing myself. I've done nothing wrong. I strive for improvement. We'll work hard, without players for a while if need be. Get the code right, get tons of areas. Then open again to a whole new audience. Will I miss the old players? Yes. Do I feel hurt, damn yes. Nothing I can do but soldier on tho. If I don't at least try to make us as great as I know we can be, i'll be cursing myself. Players are fickle. I can't afford to be. End sermon :p *sigh*

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