Tuesday, October 28, 2003
  Rod Stewart on those with talent. Rod the 'Mod' went after MY Macca and several other stars because of HIS bad press? Oh no no no... Rod, dear, let me clue you in. Your career ended several decades ago. You were never a songwriter. I understand that you knew Ronnie Wood but you weren't him, either. You are a singer. Those you complain about have actual TALENT. I won't even get started on your McCartney dis, that's just utterly laughable. Sting? Perhaps not the most talented guy on earth, and yes he's younger than you, but he does write his own music. When's the last time YOU did that? Elton has more talent in his lil pinky than you do in your entire flashily-attired body. They don't go after McCartney 'because he's got a knighthood'?? They don't go after him because HE'S A FREAKING LIVING LEGEND, you utter no-talent hack! Thank you, and good-night.

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