Thursday, October 30, 2003
  The Thursday Thumb-Twiddler (C'mon guys, you need to think up a better name for this meme!) Ok, here goes. 1. Is it ever all right to seek revenge? What determines the rightness -- the nature of the offense, or the nature of the retribution?

I don't think 'righteousness' has very much to do with it. The idea of revenge just isn't very sound. Even in the worst, most awful cases. Think about it. You, say, kill my child. I then do...What exactly? Kill YOUR child? Kill you? Nothing will bring the child back. Putting aside the idea of justice for the moment, of what possible use is revenge? It may make me feel better for a few moments but that good feeling will eventually be hampered by the realization that I've just put myself on your level.

That's why the justice system in this country is so fucked. We hate murderers so we then....Murder them? What lessons does that instill? Even if we don't care about the lessons we give the murderers, what about the lessons we send to their children and, for that matter, OUR children. Oh, and if we aren't talking about 'eye for and eye'-type :> 2. If you could go back in time and live through any five-year period of history, what (when, where) would it be? 1978-1982. My junior-High and early H.S. years. I was one big mess. I lived every day like it was my last, had NO fun and had the personality of a frightened sheep. Then I wondered why no one would talk to me. Of course, everything was of the utmost seriousness and, had I a knife handy back then and the guts to use it, I certainly wouldn't be here now. What an amazing waste I made of those years. If I could do them over I'd have a HELL of a lot more fun, but you can't go home again... 3. If you could write a sequel to any movie, what movie would it be? When have you ever known a sequel to be half as good as the original? I'd never do that to any movie I actually LIKED. Hmm...Ok how bout The Sound of Music? What happened to the Von Trapp's after the war?

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