Monday, October 20, 2003
  WHOOO? Sooo... You may be wondering just who the heck are all the unknown's listed on my media list. Never heard of any of them, I'll wager. (If you have, oooo I want to talk to you! Send me an email please!) Here begins the gushing praise. Most of it is wonderful, sugary pop music, but I have to warn you. I don't mean pop music as in the pablum they play or the radio nowadays. All these bands actually played their instruments and sang without backing vocals. None of them had to do it with earphones either, because none of them danced around like idiots whilst playing. They just played, and sang, and made great music. That's the way great music is made, and if you have opinions to the contrary you have let the mainstream take your soul and you have my pity.

I could easily list each band and tell you in detail about each, but most of it is impossible to categorize and that's what makes it great. I will say this. Kim Richey used to make country records. (wonderful country records, yes, but they were country records.) Rise is NOT a country record.

Owsley will strike you after a while like a Ben Folds Five rip-off. It isn't. This guy used to be in Semisonic, and he can write songs that Ben Folds can only wish he wrote.

All of these are TRULY great records and I highly recommend you go out and BUY them and support the artists. The best of the bunch, to me though, or at least the one that is the most strikingly GREAT, is Godspeed the Shazam. This album came out in 2000 without so much as a blip on the radar. It sounds like it could have been made in early '77, and yes, that IS a compliment. This is an entire ALBUM of great music. It sounds like arena rock, sounds a bit like Cheap Trick. Perhaps that's why it was ignored. The time for some of these sounds is gone, I know. I'm not stupid. I just miss quality music played by musicians....Who want to make great music. Bah, humbug....

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