Monday, November 03, 2003
  100 Things About Me The train has long since left the station on this, but here goes... 1. I live on Long Island 2. Except for the first five years of my life and a recent 6 month stint, I've never lived anywhere else. 3. I think this is one of the coolest places to live that anyone could pick. 4. I have two brothers. One is two years older than I am, and one is two years younger. 5. Our birthdays are all within two months of each other. 6. My father's birthday also fell within this two month span. 7. My mother's birthday was at the opposite end of the year and right after Christmas. 8. None of us ever remembered it. 9. I have blue eyes. 10. My first nephew, still a baby, also has blue eyes. 11. Somehow, this makes me love him even more. 12. Both my parents are deceased. 13. The death of one was infinitely worse than the loss of the other. 14.This seems wrong to me but I am at a loss to explain it. 15. My favorite food is pizza. 16. I cannot cook, unless it involves the microwave. 17. I do, however, make a mean grilled cheese sandwich. 18. I have a dog and a cat. 19. The dog is Yellow Labrador retriever. The cat is an Ash Tabby. 20. The dog is now 11 years old and can no longer get around like he used to. 21.The cat realizes this and takes great pains to tease him and then scamper off, knowing that he's not up for the chase. 22. I read a lot of books. 23. I also read Time, Newsweek and Rolling Stone 24. I don't know why. 26. I know a smattering of French and a smattering of ASL. 27. I don't know what 'a smattering' is, exactly. 28. I have been to no other countries but the USA and Bermuda. 29. Sad, isn't it? 30. I can't stand flying alone, it ties me up in knots. 31. If someone is with me, however, I'm fine. 32. I am 3 quarters Irish and one quarter Sicilian. 33. If you don't know the difference between Italian and Sicilian you had better not hang around my relatives. 34. My mom had an uncle Lou who was in 'construction'. We never asked what kind of 'construction' and he never volunteered any info. 35. She also had a 'cousin Vinny'. Who is, you guessed it, a lawyer. And a damn good one. 36. There are quite a few lawyers in my family. 37. My grandfather was a court of appeals judge for the state of New York for many years. 38. When he died the pall-bearers were all his fellow judges. In long black robes. That's a sight that you don't forget. 39. I never knew my other grandfather. He died before I was born. As did my father's eldest brother. 40. From what I gather, I didn't miss much. 41. I am 37 years old. 42. I have never been married. 43. I have never had children. 44. I wonder if I will ever find the person I want to spend a life with. 45. I really, really hope so. 46. I tend to make very poor choices in partners. 47. I am drawn to those who don't want me, and those who DO want me I tend to not be the least bit interested in. 48. I could continue in this vein but I'd rather not depress myself. 49. I get up early every morning because there is never enough time to do everything I want and need to do. 50. And because nights scare me. 51. People think that I am a workaholic and that I enjoy hard work. 52. I don't like work. I work hard so that things are done quicker and I can stop working. I do as much as I do because no one else wants to do it, and if I don't do it, it won't get done. 53. The above is what's known as a 'Catch-22'. 54. Based on a great movie. Go see it. 55. People don't think I have a temper. 56. They are wrong. I just hide it very well. 57. I once lost it on my little brother and would have seriously hurt him had not a third party pulled me off him. 58. Most people think I don't have a temper. He knows I do. 59. I am legally blind. 60. I have a 'lazy' left eye, which basically means it gets to decide when it wants to work, not I. 61. My right eye had to compensate, so my brain eventually decided just to shut my left eye down. 62. My left eye still works part of the time, but what I see comes from my right eye, pretty exclusively. 63. Consequently, 'magic eye' puzzles and 3d images mean nothing to me. 64. I love heights. 65. I have balance problems, however, so heights and I don't mix very well. 66. I still like them, though. 67. I have trouble with choices. I hate making them. 68. This has led me, at times, into a 'wishy washy' zone where I cannot be decisive. It's not that I fear making a choice. 69. It's just that I don't think I will make the right one. 70. This comes from deeper issues. 71. I most likely need some kind of therapy, but doubt that I would be told anything I don't already know. 72. Knowing what needs to change is easy. Changing it is hard. 73. I love buying gifts for people. 74. Much more than I like getting them. 75. I have a gift for gift-giving. 76. Christmas is perhaps my favorite time of year. 77. I am a searching agnostic. 78. The more I search, however, the surer I am that there is some kind of all-powerful being around and about us. 79. The people I have lost to death have come to me, in various forms, and giving me a peace that I can't describe. 80. I cannot prove that a god or gods do not exist, therefore I cannot help but have hope. 81. I am a Gemini 82. It pretty much describes me to a 'T'. 83. My favorite movie is Citizen Kane 84. My favorite TV show was probably "The Carol Burnett show". 85. They don't make 'em like they used to 86. I miss big vinyl records. 87. I miss liner notes you could read without a magnifying glass. 88. I love to read. 89. I always end up wishing I could write half as well as my favorite writers. 90. I don't remember what I did before the internet. 91. I am a happy-go-lucky person in general. 92. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. 93. Addictive personalities run in my family and I'd rather not test myself. 94. I still feel like a little kid. 95. My body takes the opportunity to rid me of that notion every day. 96. My hair used to be wavy brown. It is now silver, rod straight and like straw. 97. I should condition it, but don't 98. I will never color my hair. 99. I am short and have a baby face. 100. Without grey hair, I would still get carded.

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