Thursday, November 13, 2003
  ..and just because I feel like more meme's, The Thursday Threesome too... Onesome: Envision-- How much television do you watch each week? Are you one of those who can you call up the nightly program schedules for the major networks (and a cable channel or two) in your head? ...or do you have to search the paper to find out when the Thanksgiving Day parade is? (Hint: It's on a Thursday.) Not much, really. I watch all the good ten PM shows on the major networks at night. The West Wing, Law and Order, 48 hours, etc etc. And of course there's Futurama, The Simpsons and Family Guy. That's pretty much it for my TV watchin. Twosome: whirled-- Oh, my! That holiday stuff is coming up soon! Are you ready for Thanksgiving? ...or are you going to be whirling around at the last minute? Very ready, considering that all I have to do is show up and stuff my face . Woohoo! Threesome: peas-- Shine on the the healthy stuff; we really don't care if you eat your vegetables (okay, the mom's here on the Porch do): what are you looking forward to eating on Thanksgiving that you just cannot get the rest of the year? A home-cooked meal! I don't cook, as mentioned previously, so anything not from a frozen box is gooood eatin' to me! Turkey, stuffing, potatoes....Gravy....mmmmm

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