Friday, November 07, 2003
  Call me irresponsible.... I broke down and bought that darned webcam last night. Why? Well it was cheap, it looked like fun. Blame my genes. I love things that are shiny and have pretty buttons. I love reading the directions and figuring it out. Of course now I feel guilty. I hate spending money. Well no that's not exactly true. I hate spending money on myself. On stupid lil things like webcams. Will I even use the thing? I could have saved that money for....what? I could have bought two CDs with it. ...almost. I could have given it to some worthy cause. Yes, that's basically it. Someone is hungry today because I bought a webcam. Notwithstanding the fact that I don't give even give to charity. Had I not spent that money, it'd still be in my account. Where it belongs. Because spending money on personal items is just wrong. Because buying something just because you feel like it is stupid. Because I don't know the value of a dollar. This sounds awfully familiar.... Four and ten years in their graves respectively and my mother and father are still bitching at me. No wait, they never bitched at me. This little bout of bitching is all me. I don't deserve nice things.

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