Monday, November 17, 2003
  Me and My Big Mouth It is rare when I find a person who's writing can light that bulb over my head and give me an idea and make me go "OooOo". It's rare but it can and does happen, and the fact is, I go looking for that stimulation. Finding it, I get excited. I jump up and down and start rattling off a response as if we were both in some strange Algonquin round table of words. Then I eagerly respond. Usually, however, the writer never asked for a response. Some writing is very personal to the writer and even while they may ask for feedback, they don't want or expect an argument or a debate. Some things are meant to be taken in whole, and at face value. I may be a link and comment whore, but that doesn't mean that anyone else is. I need to keep my big mouth shut. The lesson of the day, learned.

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