Wednesday, November 05, 2003
  This just goes to show that I think too goddamn much The visit with my cousin went remarkably well. I brought her my beat-up copy of "The Prophet" (see yesterday morning's post) and she promised to read it. We then talked....about the most mundane topics. And we laughed. And we hugged her kids. And we laughed some more. Honestly, I don't know what I was expecting. That the grim spectre of death would be hovering over her shoulder? This from one of the most vital women I've ever met? Oh HELL no. She practically GLOWED with life. I can only wish I am that grounded if Mr. C. ever comes looking for me. I had several urges to ask her how she did it, how she coped, but I got a hold of myself and didn't. I asked her things I had been meaning to but just never had 'the time' before like what it was like to have lil kids so late in life and did she think it worth the wait (she did) and just exactly how did she manage law school, a full time job AND two kids? Her response, lots of pent up energy (wink, wink). At which we laughed and laughed again. All in all, a good day, a fun time and I'm glad I went. Thank you for the advice, Paul, it helped :)

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