Wednesday, November 12, 2003
  What's on - Right now asks: What's On your bedroom dresser Right Now? Ack! Too much stuff. Let's see.... A box of envelopes A non-working cordless phone A napkin signed by the each of The BoDeans. Framed, of course. A bunch of ceramic kittens in a basket* A kitten-shaped bowl* A pair of antique opera glasses* A ceramic round box with flowers on the lid* A tiny wooden basket full of fake flowers, decorated with a cat on the side* (* all owned originally by my grandmother, who's nickname was 'Kitty') Assorted jewelry from my mother, all in the original boxes, never worn by me A lacquered box from India (a gift from my brother and sister in-law) A framed picture of a duck perched precariously over a bowl of water. (I think its about taking chances and being brave) that was once a card received by my mother. A Simpsons alarm clock. (a gift, which went off the night it was given to me about 3 AM and which I accidentally let fall to the floor whilst trying to silence) broken.

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