Wednesday, December 17, 2003
  The 5,000 Question Survey - Part 4
151. What is louder and more annoying...200 adults talking in a restaurant or one four year old screaming? Four year olds rarely scream. Babies, yes, even two year olds scream. If, however, you hear a four year old child actually screaming, you might want to look into it. Anyway, the question is, does a baby's cry really bother me in a restaurant. No. 200 adults talking is just annoying but babies don't cry without a good reason.

152. What do you think is up with the Bermuda triangle? I think there is a great deal about the forces of nature around us that we will never understand and I don't think that's such a bad thing.

153. Are you jealous of anyone? Who? Why? I am jealous of people who are in love and of people with children. I miss being in love and, I suppose, a part of me wants children, as well.

154. What is the happiest way you can start your day? Being licked in the face by my dog, of course!

155. Have you ever had a moment where you felt everything was alright with the world? Often. I sometimes worry more than I should and I sometimes forget what is good about my life. Eventually, though, I remember how good I have it and I try to hold that thought for as long as possible.

What does it mean when a person is deep? Are you deep? I think being "deep" means that we think about more than just the food on our plates and what's on TV that night. I think every one of us is "deep" at different points. I think that's part of what makes us human.

157. What does it mean when a person is spiritual? Are you spiritual? To be spiritual is to accept that there are other forces in life then just the ones we can see and measure. I am not deeply spiritual, as I do not yet truly believe in one all-consuming ultra being, yet I have a spiritual side because I know that earth and space are far deeper than the truest science could ever discover.

158. What makes people different from animals? People ARE animals, 100%. If there is a slight difference between us, it is in our brain capacity. And sometimes...I even have my doubts about that...

what makes people different from robots? Robots have a finite range of action. They can only react as their programming allows them to. Ergo, a robot is only as smart as its programmer. As far as I have been able to surmise, humans have no programmer. There is no limit to our potential to learn, or the ways in which we may act or react.

160. Is it just me or are people getting more and more sensitive and touchy? I think it's just you. :>

161. Would you still love and stay with your girl or boy friend if he or she had to have a breast or testicle removed? Of course.

162. Fate or free will? A little of both?

163. Are you bored with life and if so why? Not in the least.

what could someone who is bored with life do to fix it? Just waste it as they are doing now and it will be over soon enough...

164. Can life change or are we all stuck in vain? Life changes by the moment. If you don't realize that then I suggest you haven't seen much of it.

how can a person bring about change? Just DO something. Anything.

165. Are you afraid of change? Oh my, yes

166. Are you a day person or nocturnal? I'm one of those annoying "morning people" that everyone seems to hate.

Have you ever worked in retail? No

What's the coolest job you ever had? I used to work for Publisher's Clearing House. There were certain, shall we say "perks" that I'm not at liberty to divulge now. (Nothing illegal, PCH, I promise)

170. What's the difference between slavery and being forced to work because everything is so expensive? If no one ever worked, we'd be in major trouble. Work is important and good for the soul.

171. Have you ever wanted to be an actor/tress? God, no

173. What star sign are you and what is your sign like? I'm a Gemini. It is said that we are a bit...Dual-natured. We also tend to be good communicators.

174. Were you scared by the Blair witch project? Didn't see it.

178. Are you a fan of any comic books? I love The Sandman and selected Chris Ware graphic novels but these aren't really comic books.

180. Do you usually smell good? As often as possible.

182. Where did your parents tell you babies come from when you were little? They told me the truth as soon as I asked. Which was rather refreshing, when you think about it.

183. You're taking a 5,000 question survey. Are you nuts? Yes

184. What's the best cheeesey 80's song? I like "Too Shy" by Kajagoogoo

185. What's the best date movie? Why, "16 Candles" of course!

186. Do you like to sit in the front, middle or back of the movie theater? As far in the front as possible, due to my bad eyesight. :p

189. Candles or strobe lights? Candles, natch!

190. Who can take a rainbow, wrap it in a sig, soak it in the sun and make a strawberry lemon pie? Errr...The Candyman can?

191. What besides money can make you extremely happy? Everything besides money. Money never makes me happy. I don't know many people that can say money makes them happy. It may fill bellies and get them out of the cold...But make them HAPPY? No.

192. You have to choose. Would you be happier marrying someone rich for their money or living in the streets and subway tunnels with someone you love? I think I already answered this one. The second one, for sure.

193. What commercial made you really want to buy something? Strangely, root beer commercials always make me thirsty for root beer. Soda commercials in general do nothing to me.

194. Have you ever made a snow-something-else (not a man or woman) ? Of course! A snow fort. Silly

195. If someone wanted to understand you what book should they read that will help them? Oh good luck there! Hehe. The book of my life, if it ever gets written.

196. When was the last time someone called you crazy and why? I don't remember. I rarely get called crazy. Weird, yes, constantly. Crazy, no.

197. Are you a space cadet? At times. Aren't we all??

198. Are you magically delicious? That's for me to know and you to find out....If yer lucky!

199. If you could wish for one object (nohing alive, no money) that was the size of your computer monitor or smaller and it would appear right now what would it be? A chew toy for Tojo, who is now annoying me with food whines an hour earlier than scheduled. :>

200. What does 'if wishes were horses beggars would ride' mean? Beggars do a lot of wishing. You would too, if you were one.

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