Thursday, December 18, 2003
  Ermm...Is it Friday the 13th or is everyone's "comment" system down? I've been perusing my daily reads and even went so far as to read some new blogs I need to get caught up on and I can't comment! This is baaad. I live to comment. No, I don't know why. Half the time I'm not being a wise-ass either...REALLY! I think comments in blogs are really a great invention. You can tell the writer what you think of a post.

Ordinarily, you wouldn't think this would be the best of ideas. Writers don't often care for critics. Blog writers, however, seem to be a different breed altogether. If they even have a comment section, they must want comments. Most blogging seems to be a communal activity in the "Here's this post. What do you think of it." vein.

Blogging was made for the web and blogs would just be someone's boring journals without the ability to comment. I don't comment to be an ass. If I REALLY REALLY disagree with a post, I'll post about it myself and save the person the heartache. The blogs I read are much more well-read then this. :> There's much less of a chance of hurt feelings that way. No, when I comment its to be silly or to give support or because I have an idea or because (much rarer nowadays) I want to debate a topic.

Which is why I'm fuming right now. All these thoughts about new ideas running through my lil head and nowhere to comment. Ugg!

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