Tuesday, December 16, 2003
  A few choice searchengine querys that led people here. 'Google: hurt and joy for her mistress' - Umm....I don't even wanna venture to guess how THAT led people to my lil blog. I'm not into S&M. Sorry. 'Yahoo: kurt's journals' - Yes, I did make reference to Kurt Cobain's journals in here somewhere. Makes sense. 'Google: were can i find pictures of people going mudding' - Besides the obvious spelling error, I didn't know picture of people going mudding were possible. Perhaps "mudding" in this context means something else? 'Yahoo: sans glasses' - Hmm...Annie - glasses = blind Annie 'Google: bath site:mudding.blogspot.com' - What is a "bath site"? Can you blog in the tub? Learn something new everyday... 'Google: the 20's conformity and commercialism' - Someone's essay, no doubt. I don't think I have anything CLOSE to that topic in here. Hey kids, remember books? Try cracking some. 'Google: arista "sell a lot of shit"' - They sure do. 'Google: Antonio Reid suffering crappy' - Hehe, I think this has to do with the one above. 'Google: mud fetish' - You people are sick. Although mud IS a natural lubricant...hmmm... Excuse me a moment...*goes to get some mud*..

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