Monday, December 01, 2003
  A Gift for Anne? I'm sick and I want presents now, so I did a google search for "gift for anne" and here's what I came up with. Get out your credit cards now. Bear gift for Anne I like this. It's the perfect size and its just made for Christmas. Grade - A

Gift for Anne I like Elfwood, yet this is a very strange picture. The girl looks scared to death, and who could blame her. Look at the length of that horn! You can use your imagination here.... Grade - C -

Estreines a Anne Here's a nice poem for me. I like poems. It's the thought that counts. Grade - B

Quilts are always a thoughtful gift Personally, I like the small one with the leaf motif. Grade - C+

Someone drew this as a gift for me. How nice. Unfortunately, either they were going for that "anime super-deformed look" with the eyes and failed, or they just stink at drawing eyes. A pity. I can only give this one a grade of C-

Coloured Pencil - Pippa Now HERE is a beautiful painting. I'd be proud to hang this on my wall. Thank you so much...Whoever you are. Grade - A+

A bunch of paintings Some of these are nice, but most are too cutesy for my taste. An A for effort, however. Grade - C

Over all, a rather poor showing. Remember, people, books and CDs are always great gifts and there's a fine line between retro trashy and just plain trashy.

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