Thursday, December 18, 2003
  The Glitter Kids
Where are the Glitter Kids nowadays? The ones that were so tuned in to Bowie and Mott and Gary and (to a lesser extent) Elton, that they stayed in the discos all night long. At the height of the Glitter Years, in '73, I was 7. I remember my older cousins getting dressed up and decked out on Saturday nights, though. As I grew older I envied them the great music of their adolescence.

When I was 16 it was 1982. I was 2 years ahead of my "suicide at any price" faze, where Jackson Browne was my muse, and 2 years behind the summer of '84, (which, in NY anyway, was the summer of Bruce). I was too young (and rich) for punk, and it was pretty dead by then, anyway. New wave? How vapid. I was 16, I didn't want to dance, I wanted to whine. I found artists that suited my tastes but they were not '80's artists.

It would be four years before any music of the 80's actually spoke to me. In my sophomore year of college, I found the BoDeans, and the DelFuegos and the Long Ryders and though I was too old to say I had discovered a sound (and though it was certainly not the sound of my youth) I did turn a lot of people on to that 80's sound that not many know of. It still sounds as great today as it did back then.

I guess I was in one of those "in between periods" when I was a teenager. Not much was happening musically that I gave a damn for. I still would like to know where the Glitter Kids are today, though. What do they look like, what do they wear, have they sold out or do they still get dressed up and go to the disco every night?

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