Tuesday, December 16, 2003
  Ok, I'm just soo sad. I passed by a beautiful woman today and now I know there IS such a thing as love at first sight. Her eyes were this deep, deep sea green an her hair smelled wonderful and was so cute and short and glistening. ...Of course, then her husband and two kids showed up and it's obvious that I still suck at reading signals because I could have sworn she was flirting with me. Really now, my self-esteem is so low that you'd think I'd never mistake friendly banter for anything else.

This is why guys are so much easier to read. Women are so eager not to give offense that they'll smile at you and strike up a conversation just to be polite. Men who smile and strike up a conversation are pretty much ALWAYS flirting, at least, that I've seen (feel free to correct me guys, if you disagree). Is it ultra-pathetic to dream about that lovely, untouchable creature tonight? Too bad, I'm probably gonna do it anyway. *sigh*

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