Tuesday, December 02, 2003
  The "other woman" You must be very strong. I don't even know you, have never met you and I don't even know your name, but I know that much about you. You have to be strong. You must have been strong to see what was happening and put a stop to it. Or, maybe it was your husband that stopped it. I've never met him either, but we'd spoken on the phone a few times and he was online every night with me for close to five years.

I never even touched his face, yet we sent words back and forth between ourselves that would tear your heart out had you known about them. ...And yet...I never meant to hurt you. Truly, and honestly, I did not. In fact, at times I found it hard to remember that you even existed or that your children existed.

I loved him, or loved what he let me see of himself. He was my rock, my sturdy one-man support system during a few of the worst years of my life. He was there for me and I think he loved me too, because I was a woman and because I was not you. Forgive me, I don't know your story. How could I? He never talked about you.

You have every right to call me every name in the book. I deserve them all. I knew full well that you and your children existed and I didn't turn away from him. Nothing can excuse my actions or take away the hurt I caused you and yours. Say what you want about me, but you have a wonderful man there. He made a mistake with me but my guess is that, 10 years on, he's still with you. Cherish him, love him. I'd have done anything to be in your place.

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