Friday, December 05, 2003
  Snow Blind I look out my window and its as if a gigantic salt shaker was slowly being over-turned onto the ground before me. About an hour later, I look out again and the world is a tabula rasa, newly white and perfect. I'm used to my view being interrupted by houses, or cars or trees...but now everything is bathed in snow as if God spread his linen tablecloth over the earth. You heard me, I said the 'G' word. It's at times like this, with views like this that I cannot question the existence of some power greater than man. Nature is beautiful, yes, but even She spreads her bounty is fits and starts. Can She make something as perfect as this? And, oh!, it is so quiet. The snow seems to muffle the sound of man's machines as well as it hides our presence. I open the door and step out. The air is clean and crisp and new. In a little while, cars will drive by, paving the roads with concrete again and little boys will tear great chunks out of the pristine lake of snow to build images of themselves...and all this will be gone and we will make things dirty and complicated again. But just for now, just for this moment I will things to stay as they are. It is as all traces of man have been wiped off the slate. For just right now and just for this moment, I think that's not such a bad thing.

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