Monday, December 08, 2003
  Space I don't force my dog to wear suits, ties or stupid hats. I don't enter him into pageants or teach him to sing or to bark the alphabet. I don't call him "pookie" or "muffin" or talk baby-talk to him. In short, I treat him like a dog.

Yet, he is my best friend. For seven of his eleven years it has just been him and me - a team. Today I didn't wake up to his soft breathing beside me. Tell me "he's just a DOG" or tell me "you'll feel better once you have a new puppy to look after" or tell me I'm foolish for loving a four-legged creature so much and I will say "Yes", and I will say "I know.", and I will say "Of course, you're right.".

However, the facts remain. This house is not the house it was when he was here. It's not the house I know. The light is different. It's quieter and the days break up differently here. I no longer know this house. I no longer care to. I don't think I can sleep here...

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