Saturday, December 20, 2003
  Stuff you don't have
Why don't you have this stuff? Part 1 How do I describe Jai Ignish? Well, I can't really. This is jangle-pop with strange, eerie found sounds. Clicks and beep and "shhhh"s that would seem to want to ruin the song, but...they don't. They make it, somehow.

Red House Painters are on Sub Pop now. Which seems...wrong to me. This is as melodic a band as you'll ever find. Unless Sub Pop has become something so utterly...'other', nowadays, I'd say its an odd fit. Anyplace they want to be, is ok by me. As long as they never, ever go away.

Azure Ray are from Athens. Georgia. Yep, they are remarkably southern. Lots of heavy bass...?Violin? ?Viola? They can be a bit of a downer, but what do you expect? These are southern girls.

When I first heard Early Day Miners I thought it was the score to a movie I had missed but should have really, REALLY seen...

Ya know who reminds me of early REM or For Squirrels? Subset does

Mason Jenning reminds me a bit of Dan Penn. Although Mason might actually soon become a household name.

In the realm of "singers" who don't really sing, its Adam Green! Although, to his credit, he can keep a beat and looks a lot nicer than Xtina. You know what I'm sayin'?

The Extra Glenns. They could tear you limb from limb before you could blink. Or so they say....

During this joyous holiday season, get SUPERFURRY! or get out.

Coming in under the heading of "kinda depressing, but talented", its Papa M

For a few dates, anyway, Daryll-Ann will support Counting Crows. This is not me supporting Counting Crows. This is me supporting Daryll-Ann.

I like The Decemberists and its their month. So I'll end with them.

Go buy this stuff. Go buy this stuff NOW.

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