Monday, December 29, 2003
  There's a "Boy Meets Boy" marathon on Bravo. I watched a few minutes and then started to wonder....Where's the "Girl Meets Girl"? Gayness is being embraced nowadays, or, at least, its being stared at, like gay people are fish and straights are there inquisitive owners. "Why do they move around like that? Do they ever sleep? What would happen if I touched one?"

However, lesbians have yet to even come close to that sort of interest. God knows I'm thankful, don't get me wrong, but what is it about a woman loving another woman that is so alien from a man loving another man, or for that matter, a woman loving another man. I guess my question is really more of a statement.

Lesbian relationships still seem quite taboo in all sorts of media. As if the very thought was too icky for straight people to think about. Saturday Night Live even had a sketch about this a while back. So either its "men go first" and when gays are accepted, it will be the lesbians and bi-sexual's turn, OR something deeper in the straight psyche is at work here, and we'll never be as "hip" as the boys. Fine by me. Back to watching Law and Order.

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