Tuesday, December 09, 2003
  Whelp, if Dusty/Scott can do it, so can I. Hi, my name is Anne. ...Ok, to be fair, I did let this slip a few days ago but I'm counting on not many people noticing. :> As to why I used an alias at all, I have no answer for that. Except, perhaps, that I was expecting the ghosts of those I wrote about to come around and haunt me for describing certain things.

Cheekysquirrel says that bloggers aren't writers and I guess he's right. Writers put their work out for all to see, and to hell with the consequences. I hid behind a false name so that my family and friends would not be unduly hurt by truths which I was compelled to relate. So, I'm not a writer. My purpose here is not to earn a living or to get myself read (although that is a very nice plus). My purpose is to lay my truths out on the table so that I may know them. I used to do this anonymously. No more.

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